Theme: The Acts of the Apostles

Dear All,

We ended 2019 with a look at The Gospel to the Gentiles. This Sunday, we continue that discussion with a look at the topic: Grace for All

Our key learning from this study should include that:

  1. All- Jews and Gentiles alike – have sinned and in equal need for salvation. Without a firm understanding this truth, one can easily develop the arrogance of the Pharisee who thought that he had right standing with God because of his strict observance of his religious disciplines of fasting and prayer (Luke 18:9-14)
  2. Grace is necessary for salvation for any and everyone. No human being can earn even the minutest bit of his/her salvation. Our Christian disciplines only serve to demonstrate the transformation taking place inside us; they are because we have been saved.
  3. God’s grace makes no tribal, racial, religious distinctions. It does not matter one’s pedigree, all come to God based on God’s grace expressed in Christ Jesus alone.

May God grace abound to us as we serve Him in this crucial way.


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