Theme: The Attributes of God


Last Sunday we looked at holiness as a unique attribute of God. This Sunday, we shall continue our study on the Attributes of God with a look at His omnipotence. See attached study outline for your reference.

Key learning points should include:

1.      God’s omnipotence means that HE has unlimited power to do whatever HE wants. But HE does not use it to satisfy our imaginations or fit into our logic of unlimited power. Rather, God’s unlimited power facilitates the expressions of His will and as it fits with His other revealed attributes.

2.      God’s power extends to all things visible and invisible, known, and unknown. The fact that our finite minds cannot comprehend God’s omnipotence is no basis to doubt or question it.

3.      Job could not answer even one of God’s questions to him and neither can we! While we may not fully comprehend the full extent of God’s omnipotence, we must let God be God, the sovereign and omnipotent Creator who answers to no one. And like Job, bow in worship.

May God use the study to deepen our knowledge of His omnipotence.


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