Theme: The Attributes of God

Happy New Year Brethren,

After the really challenging 2020, we start the year with a series on The Attributes of God. The goal is that we might have a proper view of God. Such a proper view of God is critical to our world view, our faith, our worship and even vital to how we view ourselves.

This Sunday, we start the series on The Attributes of God with a look at His Self-Existent nature.

Key Lessons include:

1.     Self-existence is exclusively and peculiar to God of the Christians.

2.     As the Self-Existent One, God does not need us to worship or glorify Him. Yet, out of His kindness and grace, He invites us creatures to partake in such worship. If God was dependent upon others for His existence, His glory, or His joy, then He would not be much of a God at all.

3.     This Self-Existent God does not need us for anything, yet He chooses to seek us out even to the point of taking on human form.

May God equip us with everything we need for doing His will in 2021.


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