Theme: The Acts of The Apostles

Dear All,

Last week, God used Barnabas to remind us of the crying need for encouragers in the ChurchThis Sunday, we continue our study of the Acts of The Apostles with a look at Apostle Peter’s ordeal in the hands of Herod Agrippa. Our topic is: The Miraculous Deliverance.

Our key learning from this study should include that:

1. When calamities happen, it’s easy to wonder, “Where is God in all of this? Why did He allow this to happen?  We should learn the lesson that although God is almighty, He may permit the ‘untimely’ deaths or difficulties for some of His children (12:1-4). As difficult as it is, we need to view such happenstance from God’s eternal perspective, not from our temporal perspective.

2. Though they were not expecting Peter’s deliverance in the manner it happened, as evidenced by their doubting Rhoda when she told them that Peter was the one at the door knocking, nonetheless, their lack of faith did not stop God from delivering Peter in the spectacular manner HE chose to.

3. All through Scriptures, and even to this day, miracles consistently serve to point people to the one true God, ultimately revealed in Jesus Christ. Their primary purpose is not to meet human need, although human beings often get blessed in the process. But they essentially demonstrate the supremacy of God and of His Christ over all rivals. And then, it is dangerous to try to predict when they may occur or try to force God to work miracles upon demand.

May God do with our lives what will bring Him the greatest glory and honor.


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